Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine's Day

                                           Happy Valentine's Day !

In Canada, many people celebrate Valentine's Day. It is not a paid holiday or a religious holiday.  People go to work or school as usual. It is a day to be romantic. Many couples celebrate Valentine's Day in the evening. Even the young children show their love. They give Valentine cards to their classmates and teacher.

What do you know about Valentine's Day? Try this quiz.

1.   Roses are a) romantic  b) a kind of flower  c) both

2.   Valentine was  a) a Roman Emperor  b)  a god of love  c)  a saint

3.   Cupid is  a)  a kind of flower   b)  a very good person 
       c)  the god of love

4.   What does Cupid shoot at people?  a)  hearts   b)  arrows
       c)  chocolates

5.   In a Leap Year,  how many days does February have?

6.   Canadians send  a)  thousands  b)  millions  c)  billions   of cards

7.   The most popular colour for roses on Valentine's Day is 
       a)  yellow  b)  pink  c)  red

8.   A Valentine's  gift that smells good is .......

9.   Another popular gift tastes sweet and comes in a box.
           Do you know what it is?

10. Do you know this saying?  True love is for  a)  fairy tales
           b)  movies   c) lovers 

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