Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Another Step: Twitter Can Be Fun Or Useful

Where is Twitter on this blog?

Look at the side of the blog. At the side and above the list of 'labels' is the most recent updates from Twitter. There are about five entries or short posts. Remember a Twitter message or "tweet" can be a maximum of 140 characters or about one or two sentences. Some of the messages have links to my blog and other messages go to outside web sites. The messages can come from me or I can copy or "retweet' messages from other people. Twitter is like a mini blog. My Twitter name
is realcanenglish which is a short form for this blog, Real Canadian English.

What can you read in one or two sentences?
A variety of English communication. I can post

  • Proverbs
  • Wise sayings
  • Idioms and expressions
I can chat about everyday topics like
  • The Toronto weather
  • Current News
  • Holidays
I can use links. Press on the underlined words for
  • More readings
  • Grammar practice
  • Interesting photos
  • The occasional video
I can direct you to my blog for
  • The latest blog post
  • An assigned blog post

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