Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How old is Canada?

By Green Wellies
Happy Canada Day!
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Canada Day is July 1st. That means this Friday is the start of a long weekend. This weekend there will be lots of celebrating around Toronto. There will be free music at all the city squares and some of the parks..........and don't forget the fireworks! Some people buy fireworks and have private parties. Others go to public fireworks at different locations in the city.

Here's a quick quiz to see what you know about Canada. Do you know which ones are true or false?

1. Canada became a country in 1867.

2. The first prime minister was John A MacDonald.

3. Canada started with ten provinces.

4. The last province to join Canada was British Columbia.

5. The first immigrants in Canada were from Britain and Spain.

How did you do? Ask your teacher about the last one.  Would you like to know the  other answers and more about Canada? Go to an earlier post, Happy Canada Day .  

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Mark Cusack said...

Newfoundland Labrador was the last province to join Confederation in 1949.. not BC