Friday, February 13, 2009

A Love Story

Everyone enjoys a love story. Right? Do you know what Canadians think about sharing, caring or giving on Valentine's Day? The Retail Council of Canada and Pollara did a poll (or survey) just before Valentine's Day in 2007. Try this quiz based on the poll.

1. _____ of Canadians planned to show their spouses or partners they care on February 14.
a) 64%
b) 81%
c) 52%

2. The people from ______________ were more likely to give gifts to others.
a) Quebec
b) British Columbia
c) Prairie provinces and Ontario

3. The favourite gift was
a) cards
b) candy and chocolates
c) flowers

4. Canadians between the age of _______ planned to spend the most on gifts.
a) 18 to 24
b) 55 to 64
c) 35 to 44

5. _______ planned to go to a restaurant for a meal.
a) 27 %
b) 54 %
c) 34 %

The answers are at the end of this page.

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Answers: 1 a , 2 c, 3 a, 4 b, 5 a
These facts are based on the retail council news report from February 9, 2007.

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