Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Family Day

In the fall of 2007, Dalton McGuinty was re-elected as premier of Ontario. Soon after, McGuinty created Family Day. The third Monday in February became a new statutory holiday. Now the people of Ontario have 9 public holidays. It was announced October, 2007.

Family Day was created to support family values by giving busy working parents a day off to spend with their children.
February 18, 2007 was our first Family Day. For everyone, it has become a much needed break between the Christmas/New Year holidays and the spring Easter holiday.

According to Wikipedia, only four provinces have family day. They are Alberta, Ontario, Prince Edward Island and Saskatchewan. It is not an official Canadian holiday. Therefore, some Ontario employers do not have this holiday. If you work for the federal government, you do not have next Monday off.

Last year was the first Family Day. Many families in Toronto took advantage of the extra day off. Some went away for the weekend. I remember hearing a record number of skiers hit the slopes north of Toronto. There were lots to do in the city and I'm sure some just relaxed.

For ideas on what families can do on Family Day, check out the Toronto Star article, Things to do on Family Day. The author, Paola Lorriiggio, also has some good suggestions for things to do with no kids.

Have a good weekend! We have Valentine's Day on February 14th. Saturday this year and Family Day on February 16. Enjoy. I've already bought some sweets for the weekend. I just hope the rain stops and we see some sun soon.

I plan to be busy this weekend, but check out my Valentine post. It's coming soon.

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