Thursday, June 18, 2009

Film Festivals 3: Signs Part 2

STOP! Signs Part 2 is the ending of the story.
  • Please watch Part one of Signs first. It is below this page or post.
  • After you watch part one, you will appreciate the ending of this romantic comedy.

Here are two alternative endings to Signs. Which ending do you like best?

Version 2 (by Saba)

Jason slept. The next day, he got up sad and he went to work like every day. But that day, he was a little late. Just as he arrived at work, the men were taking off a note from the window. The note said, "Out of the office a 10:00 am" and she had drawn a happy face.

Version 3 (by Kiana)

The next day, Jason went to work. He tried to find the girl, but he couldn't get any information. so he got disappointed and felt sad. Finally, one day the girl came to his office and surprised him. They met a couple of times and fell in love.

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