Monday, December 12, 2011

Music Monday: Christmas Carols

Jingle Bells............... Can you finish the line?   How about this one? Silent night..........  You can sing these Christmas carols this holiday season, or maybe you prefer to listen to recordings of them. Also, it's always a treat to hear choirs singing the Christmas carols.

 Here is my favourite, The Christmas Song, by Nat King Cole. He did several versions of this song from the forties, fifties and the early 1960's. Unfortunately he was a smoker and died young, but his song continues on each Christmas.

I'm not the only person who loves this song. In 2004, The Christmas Song was the most popular holiday song with women age 30 to 49.*  So, why is it my favourite? My father loved to play this song, and I guess the next generation can't help but enjoy this gifted singer's voice and his wonderful song.

Listen again and follow the words. It's full of Christmas tradition.

How much do you know about holiday traditions?
 True=T   False=F

1.   Many people roast nuts called chestnuts in the fireplace.   T/ F

2.   Jack Frost is ice cold, but he is not a real person.   T/F

3.   Goose is more popular than turkey for Christmas dinner.   T/F

4.   The mistletoe plant is hung at a door for people to kiss under.  T/ F

5.   The young children believe in Santa Claus.      T/F

6.   Santa brings toys and candies to the good boys and girls.      T/F

7.  The excited children look in the sky for Santa and Mrs. Claus.   T/F

8.   Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays are popular greetings.    T/F

* From Edison Media Research: What we learned from testing Christmas music in 2004