Friday, October 28, 2011

Trick or Treat

Trick or treat? Only children go out for candy on Hallowe'en. High school kids are too old. The kids go door to door in the neighbourhood. Sometimes they say, "Trick or treat" and then they are given a wrapped candy or chocolate bars. They do not get sweets like cake or cookies.

Every neighbourhood has decorated houses. Some of the houses have jack-o-lanterns near their doors. Decorations include scary images such as skeletons, monsters, ghosts, coffins, graveyards or spiders in cobwebs. Some houses have scary noises coming from inside. The children are not afraid of the scary decorations because it is all part of the fun.

The costumes are important to the children. They choose who they want to be for Hallowe'en. The child can be good or bad. For example, a girl might choose to be a witch or a princess. Animals, heroes and scary characters are popular.

 Try this word game. These are popular costumes for the children. The vowels are missing. Complete the  words.

1.   D__v__l                            9.    W__tch
2.   Ang__l                             10.   P__r__t__
3.   S__p__rm__n                  11.   Bl__ck  c__t
4.   B__tm__n                        12.   Gh__st
5.   Sp__ d __ rm__n             13.    Pr__nc__ss
6.   Cl__wn                            14.    Z__mb__ __
7.   L__ __n                           15.     V__mp__r__
8.   Sk__l__t__n                    16.     M__nst__r  

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