Saturday, October 24, 2009

Lie to Me Game

If you have been following this blog, you know Lie to Me is a popular American TV show. Also, did you know Candians watch a lot of American TV? There are probably more American television stations than Canadian stations. Anyways, a game started on the internet where you can post three stories about yourself. One is a lie. Then the viewer is to guess what one of the three stories is untrue.

Can Canadians lie well? Let's watch Nadine from the west coast of Canada tell her three stories.

So, which one is the lie?

Now watch the next video. Stacey thinks she knows which story is untrue. Watch Stacey's video. She explains her answer. Do you agree with her answer?

Then Stacey tells her three stories. Which story is untrue?

Maybe you find it difficult to spot Nadine's lie and Stacey's lie. For more help, go to "How to Spot a Liar". See the related links below.

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The post, Lie to Me Game: The Update,will give you the correct answer. Which of Nadine's stories is untrue? Is it story number one, two or three?

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