Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Winter in Toronto 2

Ride the Rocket in Leslieville

Gerrard East Streetcar in a winter storm. Taken by William Self.

How's the weather?
Toronto continues to get a lot of snow. A snow storm is predicted for the weekend and then cold weather again.

Did you freeze during the blackout?
We had minus twenty (-20) last weekend. Some people in the west end were in a blackout for about 24 hours. They had no electricity from around ten o'clock at night on Thursday to ten o'clock the next night. Many people went to bed early on Friday with lots of blankets and were thankful to wake up in warm homes.

There was a lot of Internet activity as people tried to find out if their area had electricity or not. The lucky ones got their electricity back on Thursday. If you are interested, you might like to read the comments on blog TO

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Mojgan said...

At this era, every thing depends on hydro for example ; heat,hot water,the most of stoves, Tv sets and home phones... .Specially in winter time black out will be serious.I heard several years ago there was a long black out in Toronto ,so all the gas stations were disabled.Fortunately it was summer time. I think we need such a good managing on this field.

Bonnie Ford said...

Hi Mojgan,

Your right. Electricity is needed for a lot of our daily activities. I can't tell you much about the summer blackout because I was away on holidays. I remember seeing on the news people stuck downtown because the subway wasn't working. Also, people tried to direct traffic as the street lights didn't work. People in hotels had no locks on their door. It was a real mess!